Friday, August 23, 2013

Delaney's 1st Letter from Sweden 8/20/13

Kara family,

I AM IN SWEDEN!  And it's beautiful!  It's pretty cool because there will be urban buildings and then a random forest appears in the middle of nowhere.  The flight(s) were good.  Long, but good.  I didn't sleep anymore after the first flight, but I'm too excited to be happy.  {We think she means tired}  The way it works out, I feel like it makes perfect sense for it to be 10:30 a.m. right now.  The first plane was Sunday night, Detroit was Monday, the next flight was Monday night, and now it's Tuesday.  The Amsterdam airport is huge and we only had like 25 minutes to get to our last flight, but what I saw of the Netherlands was pretty.  We had delicious Dutch sandwiches and cookies on that flight, so my first meal in Europe was great!  It was so cool to fly into Sweden.  It's kind of like the ocean and land are in an epic battle to cover the most area, so there's no clear shoreline.  Just a TON of islands.  Then Stockholm was this huge city all out of the blue.  The airport was smallish though.  President and Sister Newell met us at the airport and we exchanged our dollars for crowns.  Oh!  And I used a public restroom here already.  Weird, they don't have separate restrooms for men and women, and it's like a really clean upgraded forest service restroom.  But everything was automatic.  And the TP was thick and had leaves on it.  It was cool.   I guess.

Now we're waiting at the Migration Services department to get fingerprinted and photographed.  Nice of them to take our pictures after we've been flying for 3-ish days.  I guess they're planning on keeping us on our feet all day so we don't throw ourselves off schedule.  I'm excited.

Ya, Sweden is great and I'm doing great!  Can't wait!

FYI, they said all the mail goes through the Mission Home so you'll just always send it there.

I love you!

Jag Alskar Er!