Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

Kära familj,

Sorry you anxiously awaited my email all day yesterday and didn't get anything. In Sweden, Easter (Påsk) is a really big deal and they celebrate all week, plus Monday. It's called "annandag Påsk", another day of Easter. So the libraries were closed, so we couldn't email. But I was on a boat too! We went to Göteborg and took a boat trip out to some islands. Unfortunately because of the holiday the boat didn't go so often so we had to turn around and come right back, but I LOVED being on the boat. Don't worry, we took lots of pics. It was also really warm, 20 degrees Celcius which I believe is around 70 farenheit. So you could have had the same weather here in Sweden! The whole week is supposed to be pretty sunny. In other words, it's officially spring.

We didn't have a baptism on Saturday. However, we taught Masoume on Friday and she asked if she was going to be baptized the next day. She wasn't ready though. We haven't moved on to teaching any commandments yet because we've had a hard enough time making sure she understands the basics of the restoration. Mojgan, the translator, is super amazing though. Masoume came to a ward activity on Saturday (äggapickning-we hit easter eggs together and tried to crack each others') and then to church on Sunday. She went to the Spanish sunday school class because Sister Trejos who was teaching it is Masoume's friend from SFI (Swedish for Immigrants). So I translated it from Spanish to Swedish. It was much easier than trying to translate from Swedish to Spanish. Last night Masoume told us that she knows she will be baptized but she's waiting to get an answer to her prayer, but she knows it will come. We set a new goal for May 31st. Now that we know more how to work with Mojgan, I'm more confident that this one is going to go through. As far as our other Persian friends, they've been pretty hard to get in contact with and we haven't taught them for a couple
weeks. :( They're in the middle of trying to find a new apartment so it's tough.

Our other VIP in church was Rida. She's from Yemen, she's adorable, and she's one of the most open and sincere people I've met. She's got a lot of questions about Jesus Christ but she's not shy to ask them so it's great. She went to the YSA sunday school class on Sunday (she's 29) and it was great. She said she wants to come back to church, so we're in business!

I wrote a really good letter on the bus rides to and from Göteborg yesterday to make up for this not-so-great email, so I'm sending that today and hopefully it gets there soon. I put it with Matty's birthday present-sorry it's late Matt! 

California and the cruise sound super fun. I can't believe the things Peyton ate! {Peyton tried fried calamari, lobster tail and escargot.  She didn't like the calamari or lobster, but thought the escargot was ok.}  Or that Cody only ate 40 ice cream cones. Thank you for sending pictures! I love them!

It's Syster Haynes' last week so we've got a busy week ahead of us. Lots of members want to say goodbye and they're finally going to let us do some service that we've been asking to do for the last three months. It should be fun.

Sorry to send such a short and late email, but I guess it's because you sent a short and early one. :) Have a wonderful week! Jag älskar er!

Love, Delaney

PS- Please pray for Masoume, Rida, Jessica, Mohamed and Hlimah! :D

On a boat in Goteborg

The Easter Bunny came to Sweden

Easter Tree in the middle of Borås.
They put feathers in the trees for easter. It's supposed to be a witch's broom.
Also, the girls dress like witches and go trick or treating. It's weird.

BBQ on P-day last week

Delaney, Syster Haynes & Rida

Eating ice cream  (Delaney says only one cone is actually hers)