Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Käre familj, Lake Powell sounds like it was so much fun! Thanks for sending lots of pictures. It looks like a great time. Especially catching wicked air on the new wakeboard. And Peyton skiing. And catching fishies. It looks a lot warmer than here. We've had some chilly, rainy weather the last couple weeks. I miss Borås weather, even though it rained every day! At least it was warm rain. Things are going pretty well here. I'm most excited about Pontus. He's very excited for his baptism tomorrow. We've invited everyone in the ward so hopefully it will have a good turnout. He was in church yesterday and he was even commenting in Sunday School and said a closing prayer. He's been taught everything now and he had his interview yesterday, now it's just a matter of filling the font! I'll send pictures! The highlight of the week was zone conference on Thursday. It started with us getting up at 3:30 AM in order to catch our 5:30 train to Stockholm to be there at 8:30. The zone conference was in Västerhaninge so I got to go back to my "birthplace"! It was cool but a little strange to be back there. I had my last interview with President Newell, which was really great. At the end he gave me a blessing. It was basically like getting a blessing from a general authority because the only reason President Newell isn't one is to be our mission president. They did a great final zone conference and it was so sad to say goodbye to them! I'm going to miss the Newells. I think a very big reason why I was called to this mission at this time was so that I could work and serve with them. They'll be leaving Sweden tomorrow. :( But the Beckstrands came on Saturday, and we'll all get to meet them on Friday when we have a sort of mini-zone conference. It will also be in Västerhaninge. I'm excited to get to know them! We got a new (used) phone at zone conference since we never found our old one. We were told we might get one of the old nokia phones, but we ended up with an iPhone since it wasn't our fault. It's actually a blessing because our old iPhone had a cracked screen, but this one doesn't. I don't even know what's happened this week. On Monday I bought a new backpack. This week has been BLISS to have the weight distributed on both of my shoulders! It was a great purchase. We taught Pontus a lot. We taught some other people. It was hard because we've been operating without a phone for so long so it was hard to get anything set up. We planned Pontus' baptism. Syster Miller and I are going to do a musical number, Lead Kindly Light. It's perfect because Pontus is blind so the words fit him perfectly. It's a really pretty arrangement we found on We've heard a lot about the FIFA cup. Everyone's talking about it. There are a lot of immigrants from Chile here and they were all super disappointed when Brazil beat them. Pobrecitos. Sorry this email's a little short. We got here a little late and we have to go a little early, so...yeah. But it's been a good week. I hope you all have another wonderful week as well! Jag älskar er! Love, Delaney