Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Käre familj,


I've gotten updates of when he was about to get his call, and when his farewell was coming up, and everything, but nobody has told me where he's going. Unless you did and I forgot. I think I remember Reed is going to England. But where is Drew going? I actually discovered on that you can see all the missionaries serving from your stake so I updated myself on where the missionaries are. There were some people that I was surprised about because I didn't know they were on missions. Mostly sisters.

It's funny that you thanked me for taking so much P-Day time to write to you because this week we actually aren't going to be able to take so much time. We already spent a few hours cleaning the apartment in preparation for my new companion who's coming on Wednesday. The new missionaries are coming on Wednesday, and Syster Miller and I will both be training! We got the training call on Tuesday morning. It was funny, first President asked to talk to me and he told me I'd be training a new sister. I asked if I'd be training in Norrköping and he said I'll find out later in the week. Then he hung up. The next thirty seconds were the most awkward ones of our companionship, because I'd just been told I was training and I didn't know what to say to Syster Miller who goes home in three months and has always wanted to train. The awkward silence was broken by President's ringtone again, and he informed Syster Miller that she would also be training. He said he's still working on the secretarial stuff. On Saturday we got another call to let us know that I will be staying in Norrköping to train, and Syster Miller will be training in Södertälje. So she's staying in the zone. Syster Christison (who lived with me back in Västerhaninge) is also training as well as Syster Byrd and Syster Eborn from my group. We're all pretty excited. I realized that my greenie will have almost definitely seen Frozen.

The funeral potatoes turned out really good. We used a LOT of cheese, but it was good. It turned out perfectly because the elders threw a Baby Shower for Syster Miller and me, complete with presents and everything. (Junk they had lying around, but it all had something symbolic about it.) At the end of district meeting there was an object lesson to help us "light the fire" in our areas. No flames involved, but we were invited to try a drop of "Da Bomb" hot sauce. It's 400,000 times hotter than a jalapeno. Syster Miller and I both tried it. It was painful! But the funeral potatoes helped a lot to ease the fire in our mouths and throats. It was so hot it made your whole body tingle. This is what missionaries do.
Hot sauce??

Olivia is amazing. She could get baptized this week if she wanted to. She's ready. But she wants to keep coming until September and make sure she's really ready. I'm really excited that my new missionary companion will get to teach her, because she listens, understands, and asks wonderful questions. She was in church yesterday, and after church she went home with Prossy (new convert) to hang out. She's fellowshipped! We also had a guy named Francois in church from Congo. That's all I know about him-he was just in the phone so we called him and he came to church. We're going to meet him again this week. Lisabeth is doing well. She was in church yesterday, as well as another less active who I finally got to meet this week named Maria. She's a single mom with two kids, and she's super awesome! After Sacrament Meeting she came up to me and asked if we could check the temple calendar so she can make sure and get work off for the next ward temple trip. (The next one is in August but she already has work scheduled, so she's going to come in November.)

That's too bad about the addition to the house not turning out the way you thought. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be great! As my district leader Elder Gray would say, "put some prayer into it!" Except he's transferring on Wednesday to Sundsvall. That's in Norrland which means it's way up north. He will be replaced by Äldste Lindquist, who is Swedish. Between him, the two British elders, and our Finnish friend Äldste Kiikko, our district will only be 50% American. And if my greenie isn't from Utah, then I'll be the only Utahn in the district!

Sorry I don't have time to send pictures this week, but I'll send oodles next week!  {She had a little time later in the day to send some pictures.  Yay!)

I'm so jealous that Peyton and Mom are going to Wicked! Not fair! I hope you all have a wonderful week! And I can't wait for you to meet Syster Sjöblom!!! Say hi to her for me! I'll probably see her in Stockholm because I'll go pick up my greenie and she'll still be there. We'll see anyway. I can't believe she's going home already!

Jag älskar er!

Love, Delaney
The Elders in the district gave Delaney and Syster Miller
a baby shower since they will both be new mothers
this week.  (They will both be training new missionaries.)

Birthday party for Elder Gray at the Dolmayas' house

Delaney and Syster Miller.