Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 26, 2014

Käre Familj,

Hi! Sorry for the late email. We found out on Saturday that P-Day would have to be postponed because we were going to have interviews in Södertälje yesterday. So we had to switch P-Day to today. I hope it didn't cause too much disappointment or worrying! And I'm glad it meant that I could see first day of school pictures! How did the first day of school go? Do Cody and Peyton like their classes and their teachers so far? Any friends in your classes? Teachers I know? Is Peyton doing Orchestra?

This week has been pretty good I guess. I don't remember it seems like it was a month ago. Having P-Day a day late has really thrown me off. Last Monday we had a pretty laid-back P-Day. We got tacos. They were some good tacos. Then we visited a second hand store and I found a jacket for autumn. You get tired of your jacket really fast here, so you always need a new one. I haven't had to wear it yet, partly because I'm being stubborn and waiting until it's officially Septembrrrrr to put a jacket on. But summer is definitely over here. It's been rainy and a little chilly. Then on Monday night we visited the Dolmayas. They're doing well but it's sad to hear their stories about fleeing Syria. I'm really glad we get to spend time with them though because they have such strong testimonies and so much wisdom about the world!

Tuesday not much happened so I'm going to skip to Wednesday. Wednesday was a crazy but awesome day because we went up to Västerhaninge for Mission Tour! We had four different connecting trains to get there (Norrköping to Katrineholm, to Flemingsberg, to Alvsjö, to Västerhaninge) and the first one was delayed, which caused us to miss our second one and have to wait. Eventually we got to Västerhaninge at 9:55, five minutes before it started. We felt a little sheepish walking into the chapel where everyone was sitting and waiting reverently, but it wasn't our fault! The conference was good. President and Syster Beckstrand spoke, and then Elder and Sister Teixeira did some training. They had a lot of good ideas and things to try. We all came out feeling like we need to repent a lot. I thought I was a pretty obedient missionary...nah, just kidding, I still feel like I'm a pretty obedient missionary. Just one who can be even better.

After the mission tour I left Syster Austin with Syster Klingler and I took off with Syster Hauglid for exchanges in Stockholm Innerstan. (Inner city). I forgot how fast everyone walks in Stockholm! First we met with this guy named Jeffrey from Ghana that the sisters contacted a few months ago. We started talking to him and it turned out he met missionaries before in Jönköping. He said "Yeah, I used to go to the church there all the time. In fact I was even baptized there. But then I lost contact and haven't been able to contact them for a long time." Turns out he's already a member! He thought he wasn't because he hadn't been to church for a long time, but he was happy to find out that he still is! It's always cool when that works out and we find lost sheep. After Jeffrey we taught a couple of guys from...Africa. I forgot where they were from. They were really cool too. They were asking about baptism and what they have to do to be baptized, but then the library closed and we got kicked out! They'll meet again so hopefully that all goes well. Then we went to institute night at the YSA center, and I got to talk to a few of the YSAs from Västerhaninge. That was a cool little surprise. On Thursday we all met up in Södertälje to swap companions again and it was back to good ol' Norrköping. After we finally got back and had some food, we went and taught Prossy. She's doing really well, she's just pretty busy with school and everything.

Friday was a really good day. We taught Cecilia and had somewhat of a breakthrough lesson where she finally opened up. Then we got ice cream to celebrate my one-year-in-Sweden and Syster Austin's one-month-in-Sweden. It was really yummy ice cream of course, because this is Sweden! Then we went and visited Seija whose tiny little dog tried to eat our toes again. After that we went up to Åby (which I realized translates to Riverton! Å is a river and a by is a town!) where we met Pontus and he taught us. He borrowed a PMG from the church last week and he's devouring it! After the lesson we all went up to the Jonsson family for dinner. They're a really awesome family.

Saturday turned out pretty good too. We hadn't seen Lisabeth for a while so we stopped by and she let us in and as we were taking off our shoes she just said "I've missed you guys!" and gave us a big hug. Then she made us hot chocolate because we were all wet from the rain. The first time Syster Austin met Lisabeth she gave us ice cream because it was so hot outside. We've progressed to hot chocolate now which means it's really official-summer is over. Then we got to teach Olivia. I cannot tell you enough times how AMAZING Olivia is. We didn't even see her mom this time, but WE WILL MEET HER TOMORROW. We're starting to get a little nervous because the baptism is now less than two weeks away, but it WILL happen!

On Sunday Syster Austin gave a really great talk in Sacrament Meeting about the Atonement. I still haven't actually spoken in church my whole mission...knock on wood! We also used the ward's new translation system for the first time, so I translated into English in the microphone and Olivia and Prossy listened to the headphones. It worked great! And it was so much less annoying than trying to whisper it into their ears! Our VIPs were Olivia, Prossy (who Olivia actually picked up to come to church with her), and Pontus. I was really sad that the Dolmayas didn't come to enjoy the English translation. I feel like I did a pretty good job of translating. Way better than when I would try to translate into Spanish in Borås! After church we went by Awet, because she said she would come and didn't. We ended up crashing her party and getting fed some really good Eritrean food.

Yesterday we went to Södertälje (third time in three weeks) for our interviews with President. We found out on Saturday that we were going to have interviews in Södertälje yesterday and thus we'd have to reschedule P-Day. It was pretty annoying because it ended up taking us out of proselyting for longer than P-Day would have only we weren't able to do anything that we need to get done on P-Day. We left at 9:00 to get to Södertälje for our 11:30 interviews, which ended up happening at 12:15 because they were running late because the zone leaders in Södertälje forgot to leave the key to the chapel so the assistants had to go through Västerhaninge where the zone leaders were cleaning the temple to get the key to the chapel. This caused us to miss our 13:16 train home. The next train wasn't until 14:39 but that was a more expensive train and wouldn't accept our tickets for the earlier train, so we had to wait until the 15:10 train back to Norrköping. We waited at the Södertälje train station until 16:25 when the train actually came, and got home right at 18:00. We still had time to go by Oxana and set up an appointment for Wednesday, and then we went to the Dolmayas again.

I'm really excited to see Cody's wisdom teeth video. I'd also like to see some of those selfies.

What songs is Peyton choreographing to for clogging? How many classes is she doing?

Well, I hope you guys have a great week! Have fun with school and everything! Jag älskar er!

Love, Delaney

Big surprise, but it's a picture of us with our ice cream! Happy one year/one month in Sweden to us! Syster Austin got a Dumle shake and I got saffron, coconut, and marzipan with whipped cream on mine. Mums!