Monday, April 15, 2013

Nothing Has Happened.

I keep getting in trouble (mostly from Cody) for not updating my blog. The reason is because nothing has happened. But if you want an update anyway: I report in 86 days. No I have not learned any new Swedish words-I figure I'd better take my Chinese final first. Yes I'm excited still. No I don't have everything I need. I've bought a total of one skirt, one shirt, and two sweaters in preparation. I have submitted my paperwork for my visa application, but haven't heard anything else on the subject.

One thing that I have done since I last updated was finished reading the Book of Mormon again, this time with a future-missionary perspective. My mission prep teacher at BYU gave us the assignment to read a brand new copy of the Book of Mormon and mark it with four colors, one for each of the first four lessons in Preach My Gospel that missionaries teach. I've learned so much more from the Book of Mormon by reading it this way that ever before, and I'd highly recommend anyone who is preparing to serve a mission to try it. It not only helped me pay particular attention to the principles I'm going to teach, but now it's easy to find certain scriptures as soon as I need them because they're marked so well.

My mom also got me a special surprise-a Swedish Book of Mormon! It's a little intimidating because I flip through it and the only words I can really recognize are the names. But I'm so excited to learn more!