Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept. 16, 2013

Kära familj,

I'm glad you liked my email! I liked yours too. Except the part about Zorro. Tell him to feel better. After I got home last Monday there were five letters for me! So thank you! (The other sisters weren't very happy with me...) I got letters from Mom, Peyton, Grandma Wilson, Rich, and Darien. I haven't gotten Cody's yet but it will probably be there when I get home today. The ones from Rich and Darien were really old, back when I was still in the MTC. Rich's actually went to Provo first, then was forwarded here.
Yes, all the people in Nynäshamn have to come up to Västerhaninge for church. There used to be a branch in Nynäshamn but then something happened and there weren't enough priesthood holders anymore or something. We didn't get to help Theress last night like we thought. Turns out every other Sunday there's a meeting somewhere for the Gambians here or something? And she was going to that. So maybe next Saturday. We've got good contact with her so I'm sure it will happen sometime soon. I still don't know when we're going to get to go to the temple. Since Syster Sjöblom has been here 6 months, we'll for sure get to go sometime. I think we're going to go with a recent convert from Jönköping (her last area) that she worked with the whole time she was there. She taught him temple prep for three months and was originally going to go with him when he went through for the first time, but then stuff happened and she didn't get to. So I believe we're going to go whenever he comes up here, which will be in the near future.
Church was great! Erik came to sacrament meeting! We called him on Saturday, and Saturday night, then again Sunday morning to make sure he came, and it paid off. It was a great sacrament meeting too. The talks were about love (I think) and Syster Sjöblom did a musical number that really helped bring the Spirit. (They called her Saturday night and asked her to play. They don't know that I play the piano too...yet...) Unfortunately he left after Sacrament meeting. I think because his member friend had to go. If she had stayed, I think he would have stayed as well. So we weren't able to really talk to him at church or commit him to baptism, but we'll see him again soon.
I can't believe that rain you're getting! I've had an uncanny lack of rain since coming to Sweden. It was pouring this morning, but it was sunny again by the time we left the apartment. I've only really been rained on once. I hope it calms down soon and everything's okay! Has it affected ya'll much?
This week has been really great again! The biggest miracle is that we got 20 lessons! We've been promised that if we get at least 20 lessons a week, we'll have double the baptisms. I'm still just hoping for one before conference, but I don't mind doubling it soon after. :) I guess it's pretty amazing that we got 20 lessons so soon after doubling into the area, but we worked our tails off for them. And gave up some P-Day time. But you already heard about how great last Monday was because we taught four lessons before I even had a chance to email. I wish I could say the same about today. We've already finished all of our proselyting time. We moved it to the morning because an old investigator, Thunga, said she could meet this morning. We went all the way down to Nynäsgård, but we could never find the address. Even with our map. We think she told us the wrong street name or something. And then she never answered her phone. So no lessons today, and we don't have a dinner either. Luckily, the rest of the week will be better.
Tuesday we taught another four lessons, so we had as many lessons in the first two days as we got in the whole week before. That was the day we taught our most disappointing lesson too though. It was kind of hard, because the woman speaks Spanish and English, the sambo (boyfriend. When you live with somebody here but you're not married it's called sambo.) speaks Spanish and Swedish, and we speak English and Swedish. My Spanish is not good enough to teach a whole lesson, obviously. So we taught in Swedish and he translated into Spanish to her. It was disappointing because she basically said she doesn't care to know whether her beliefs are true or not, she likes them and she's not changing them. Even her sambo was taken aback by that, a little. It's just a little devastating when people don't even care. But I'm not too worried because I found a part of the Dedication of Sweden prayer that says that the people will have the desire to find the truth. So I know those people who want to find it are out there. We just have to find them.
I actually ate älg this week! On Wednesday we ate at a member of the bishopric's house before ward council, and the whole bishopric are on the same hunting team, and they fed us Swedish meatballs made with älg. They thought it was funny when I told them you always ask about it. Then the next day I saw two älg from the train. A mom and her calf, just frolicking around in the forest. I figured you'd all be excited about that. Ward council was really great. The ward is so excited about missionary work and they just want to know how they can all be involved. It's kind of hard for us because we don't know the ward members yet so we don't know who to ask for what, but I'm glad they're so excited.  {Note from Patty:  alg is moose}
We had a miracle on Thursday evening. Well we have them everyday, but this one was bigger and easier to tell. Anyway. So we taught Sebastian about the Restoration on Thursday evening, and it was going really well. The Spirit was really strong, especially after reciting the First Vision (which is becoming super hard in English). But right then, he got a phone call and had to dash because of some emergency. We were really disappointed because it was going so well and we didn't get to finish. But we decided we'd better go catch our train since we had nothing to do in Ösmo anymore. While we were waiting on the platform, Sebastian showed up again! He was taking the same train as us, so we all sat together and finished our lesson. The Spirit didn't get back up to the same point in the second half-it's hard on the train-but at least we got to finish it. I'm really glad we got to finish it, because he had a lot of questions and we found out that he thought the Book of Mormon was going to try and teach a whole different gospel from the Bible. So I'm glad we got to clarify that they both teach the Gospel of Christ and that they go hand in hand. I think he's more likely to read it and pray about it because of that.
In case you haven't noticed, we have some crazy things happen when our lessons cancel on us. I've learned not to be too disappointed when a lesson cancels, because it usually means there's someone else who needs spiritual nourishment, and Heavenly Father is making sure they get it. That's what happened on Saturday. We had set up an appointment with Erik, but he didn't show up and his phone was turned off. So we sat at the picnic table where we had planned to meet him, and started calling people to try and set up some more appointments and such. Not five minutes later, one of the less active members that we've been working with showed up and sat down. We started talking and were able to share a lot about prayer and receiving answers. She needs a lot of support from the ward and I think she really needed to see us right then. So I'm glad we were there for her!
We haven't heard from Petra or Mary Anne yet, but we will. I told Syster Sjöblom I'll track all of Stora Vika if we have to. It's only like one block total, so it won't be so hard. The real problem is, what would we say if we found her? You know, missionaries are pretty creepy people. It takes a creep to keep detailed records of encounters with people, their phone numbers and addresses and best times to catch them at home. And then to pass them along to other missionaries. It's kind of weird calling the old numbers in the area book because they want to know how you got their number and it's awkward to say that we've been holding on to it. But we're here to be awkward! That's what we have to tell ourselves before awkward street contacts. It's worth it for their salvation.
Unfortunately we haven't been able to meet Moris or Fabio again either. Moris cancelled his appointment because he had to go to the doctor. And Fabio works a lot. He did call us on Saturday night and ask if we could meet right then. That doesn't work quite so well for us, but at least we know he still wants to meet. He called just now and said he'll call when he isn't working. But he called while he was working. I'm not quite sure, but we'll hear from him soon anyway.
How's Sister Whitmer doing with her baby? You'd better send me pictures when she's born! I can't believe it's already time for her to have her baby. Also, how are Ryan and Lezli faring now that Quinn's gone? (He left on the eleventh, right?) In Grandma's letter she said that Crystal is planning a huge birthday party for Kinley. I can't believe she's already going to be two! Make sure I hear about that too because I'm sure it will be the party of the century.
Sweden doesn't have Cream of Chicken Soup, and it's hard to find normal cheese. In other words, I don't know how to make any food. And I miss salsa so bad. Last week we made homemade pizza, and we used a "pizza blend" of cheese that we found. But it still tasted weird. The normal cheese here kind of tastes like...gourmet string cheese maybe. But Syster Sjöblom and I are both skeptical about whether it would be good melted. It made an okay grilled cheese sandwich though. I don't know what I'll do when I have a new companion who isn't a five star chef like Syster Sjöblom. 

Mom, how was Las Vegas? Did you meet up with Taryn? See lots of quilting stuff? Have fun? How are things going with wedding preparations?
Is school going well? Are Penny and Bo and Marshy happy? Are the trees changing colors yet? They are here, and a lot of leaves fell this week.
Thank you for your prayers and support! They are really helpful. They got Erik to church yesterday! I love that you all want to hear about how our investigators are doing. It just makes it easier to work hard because I know everyone at home is rooting for me! I love you! Jag älskar er!
Love, Delaney
Prayer list: Erik and Sebastian to have a baptismal date, Moris and Fabio to set up another appointment, and Petra and Mary Anne that we can contact them again. :)