Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 2, 2013

Käre familj,

Hello! I love getting your email too. I was almost afraid I wasn't going to get to email today, because the internet has been down at the church, but it's working again. Thank goodness! When I was writing last week I was hoping you would look up a map so you could see how much of a hassle it is for us to actually get down to our area. We spend quite a bit of time in Ösmo also, which is a little closer. I believe the temple is supposed to open tomorrow, so we'll probably get to go sometime this month. Hoppas. We did get to go help clean a couple times last week. We wiped out all the lockers in the mens locker room, and vacuumed the chairs and altar in one of the sealing rooms. I can't wait to actually get to do a session there though!

Tell Peyton, Zorro, the cat, and Coonie that I love them too. And make sure Matty's being nice to Coonie. They don't get along too well.

Syster Sjöblom is from North Ogden. I believe we're doing a musical number at some Relief Society thing sometime. I don't really know because the other sisters set it up. I don't know where I'll get a violin from so we'll probably all just sing. There is a member who's learning how to make violins, but he hasn't finished any yet. (They make good soup though! Actually, that was one of my favorite dinner appointments because it was soup, which I ate with a spoon. I'm terrible at using forks here because you have to use it with you left hand and like...upside down... it's hard. So the soup was a welcome relief from trying to figure out how to get rice on the back of my fork in my left hand.)

We still don't know who exactly we're going to baptize, but we're getting more and more options. If they ever answer their phones... we talked to a guy from Nigeria last night who was interested. He didn't even have a dog. And we're going to meet with someone from Denmark that we talked to a couple of weeks ago, because he'll finally be in Sweden again. This week has been better as far as meeting and teaching investigators. We even got a new one! Her name is Rosa, and she's from Venezuela. She was in the area book but she'd moved, but she moved back. Her family is Catholic but they like the Book of Mormon. When we asked her about it she had one that looked like it was being used recently, so that's good. She said she agrees with most of the stuff in it, so we're hoping to teach her again this week so we can learn what parts she has a problem with and address them. I got to practice my Spanish with her and read some of El Libro De Mormon. It was interesting because I wanted to pronounce it like Swedish, but she was impressed by my Spanish pronunciation still. Yay!

We also met with and taught Cie-Cie, one of the investigators from the area. She has a strong testimony of Joseph Smith, but she's really interested in this New Age religion that's popular around here. She's quite a character, but she's really sweet and she's just looking for peace in life. Hopefully she can realize that the gospel of Christ is how to find it.

We've also been working with a bunch of less active members. On Tuesday we took a 2½ hour bus trip out to one of the little cities in our area (it had about three roads total) to find a less active family that the bishop asked us to visit. We got off one bus stop too late (the Stora Vika stop isn't actually IN Stora Vika apparently) and we had to walk around the city like three times before we decided that the road didn't exist, but we found the building that was most likely to be the right one. And there were no listings for who lived in which apartment. We had to catch the bus again in 45 minutes and we were about to give up, but we thought (AKA were inspired) to ask the people in the laundry room if they knew the family. Of course the laundry room was locked BUT you know me and my stalkerish instincts. The back door was unlocked, so we went in and asked the girl in there if she knew the Jana family. She said she did and we should follow her, and on the way up the stairs she's like "that's my family." She just let us in and we taught a great lesson about the Book of Mormon. They hadn't had contact with the church for 4 years, so I'm so glad we found them! Then on the bus ride home (which was only one hour because we learned there was a direct route instead of the convoluted connections we'd taken to get there) we met a girl who was really interested and basically taught her all about the restoration and she posted about us on facebook and everything. But she wouldn't give us her number. :( She said she'd probably come to church sometime though so maybe next week.

It's too bad hunting didn't go so well this year. We had dinner with a member of the bishopric last night and I learned that the whole bishopric is in the same hunting "team". They hunt wild boars and bears. He was very impressed to learn that I'm a hunter, and I got to see lots of pictures of boars and bears. It was pretty cool. I told Syster Sjöblom that once I told you about that (dad) that you'd be in Sweden in no time to make friends with them and get on the team. We were also part of a moose hunt. We were headed to a member's apartment for dinner and she met us on the edge of the complex and told us to be careful because there was a huge moose in the middle of the complex. Sure enough, there was a cow moose mosying around, eating the flowers. I'm not sure what it was doing there. But there were a lot of people taking pictures. Later, during dinner, we heard a shot, and the lady's husband called her and said there was a dead moose on the road. I didn't think it sounded like that big of a gun though, so I think they might have just tranquilized it. We didn't see it again in any case. But the hunting is going well here I guess. (The member (Linda. She's really sweet and loves missionaries. We're all on the growth wall with the rest of her kids. I'll send you a picture sometime) didn't know the difference between an elk and a moose. She called them both älg.

I haven't used my debit card here yet but I think I'll be buying boots soon. We've heard we can get some warm ones right around where we live, and they're only like 500 crowns, so that would be great. I'll probably use it on that or something. 

Did you do anything today for Labor Day? Some of the missionaries in this area are having a barbeque. I don't know if we'll go because it already started. Our plans got thrown off because of internet problems. It's been a rainy day here too. Yesterday you could tell that summer was over and it was time for Fall. It was rainy and blustery and there are leaves on the ground and everything. 

We've been trying to visit lots of members and less active members. Actually we've been trying to visit everyone on the ward list in our area. It's hard because most people here live in apartments, and most apartments have a portcode. So even if we know the address, we can't find out which floor they live on, and even if we do, we can't knock on their door or even leave a note. Kind of frustrating. But the times that it's really important, like the Jana family in Stora Vika, God makes sure we still get in contact. The same kind of thing happened on Thursday night too. We went to a different area in the zone that needed a lot of help with contacting less active families. They gave each companionship a few addresses with less active families to contact. We went to the first two, and they were both portcoded. We found the apartments that the last one belonged to, but we couldn't find the building right away. They were all portcoded, so we thought for sure the one we were looking for would be no different, but we felt like we had to find it anyway. When we finally found the building, it was portcoded. We lingered there for a minute, despairing over the cruelty of portcodes, when a woman in front of the building came over and asked if we were from the church. She was the one we were looking for! I'm so glad we didn't give up! I've learned that a few times in the last two weeks, with her and the Jana family and some of the contacts we've made on the streets. The ones that pay off are the ones where you give 100% effort and don't give up. A lot of times it really is just a trial of our faith, to see if we have the faith to push forward and find that one last person.

Yesterday in fast and testimony meeting I bore my testimony. It was scary because it was Swedish, but I could still do it and I was so glad. I felt a lot of support from the ward members after that too, which is good because we need their help if we're going to have success in this area. The Second Harvest prophecy talks about that too-"When the membership of the Church unites with the missionary force, then all things become possible to them, and the growth of the Kingdom of God shall be assured." We talk about that with all the members we have dinners with, because we really need their help! Member missionary work is the best! (And I hope you all are doing it!)

Things are going great! I'm excited for this week, it's looking really promising. Oh, and I'm doing a 10K on Saturday. At a brisk walk. All the sister missionaries around are doing it, so it should be fun. I'll try and send some pictures.

Jag älskar er!!

Love, Delaney

PS-Yes, I have received two letters from mom now. One she wrote while I was in the MTC, and one more.

PPS-I will ask the elders if they know about that knot. I agree that it is pretty cool. (Yes, I have heard of it.) There are lots of cool tie knots on Pinterest.

PPPS-This might be kind of early, but when you send my Christmas package (or any package) send some deer jerky! (Please!) 

PPPPS-I'm making Kladkaka for ya'll when I come home. And Flying Jacob. You'll love it.

PPPPPS-I can say ya'll now because I speak Swedish and they have a special word for that (er). Also because Syster Larson, who lives in the same apartment with me, grew up in Florida and it's rubbing off on me.