Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Place Your Bets!

My papers are in! My stake president said there's about a 10% chance they'll make the assignment on Friday, which would mean I would probably get my call next Wednesday or Thursday. (That's right, a week from tomorrow.) If not, it would be the next week. Either way, it's coming up soon! Everyone who wants to can guess which mission by going HERE and placing a pin. (There should be instructions on the map but I think you might have to have a Google account.) Whoever's closest will be hailed as a really great guesser! And maybe get a gold star or something. Everyone's welcome to guess of course!

Never mind, the map doesn't work because MATT IS A LIAR. Just message me your guess on Facebook and I'll put it on the map, so you can see where all the guesses are. :)