Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Waiting's Just Begun

So, I'm waiting around for time to leave to my interview with my Stake President to finish up my mission papers. This is obviously super exciting because I'm turning my mission papers in! But with all the exciting-ness, there's no way I'm getting my homework done any time soon. Not even homework for my mission prep class (which, by the way, is getting me EVEN MORE pumped about going on a mission!). I figured since it worked so well for Matt to put all his mission stuff on a blog (and later on to have my parents put his letters and emails up) I might as well carry on the tradition so everything is in one nice easy-to-access place. I'll keep you updated on everything, then once I'm gone to...well to wherever I go...my parents can put my letters on here so everyone can see what I'm up to! In case you were wondering about the address, it comes from the nickname my dad always calls me and Peyton: Bo Grill. (I thought about going with Gomer, which is even a biblical name, but I liked this one better.) I tried to come up with something that rhymed (like Matt did with Latterday Matt) but it ended up getting really long and including Pig Latin, which was just a little bit too crazy. So Bo Grill it is!

Anyway, here is my blog! Once my papers are officially submitted I'll put up a nice little map so everyone can guess where I'm going to go. No I don't have any idea. I've had dreams that have included Sweden, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Scotland/Ireland, and California. The California one was scary because I was called to speak Spanish and Chinese and I only got two weeks in the MTC because they figured I was already good enough at both. Wouldn't that be nice if I actually was!